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I was on sitter city working as a pet sitter for a couple of weeks.I had originally used other websites for work.When I went to get my background check, while I contacting a client I was locked out after putting all my correct information.It kept saying my information was incorrect which it wasn't.I then tried to E-mail my client directly but I got an email saying because my account was deactivated I could not send an email.I called the customer... Read more

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Buyer Beware. Know that you have joined a 'subscription' service. They do not care about your children or the service they provide. They only want to quietly continue to charge that card you used to join. Good luck getting a refund if you find out after months that you've paid approximately $200 for a babysitting service you never even used. We did hire one sitter from this service. It was a disaster even after I interviewed 25+ candidates. ... Read more

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I have hired a caregiver but I cannot leave a review because I need to upgrade my service. I think that this is just ridiculous to require people to pay for leaving a review that could benefit other parents whether they pay or not and also could benefit the company because it lets you know how well your listed caregivers are doing based on customer feedback. Very absurd to charge for this. I tried to problem solve this issue by myself and... Read more

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Horrible service. Looking for dog sitter. Never received a response from any of the contacts I reached out to. Never received email from Sittercity after signing up regarding services. Received bill on cc after a month and would not credit even tho nobody on their site responded to request. Customer service horrible. Apologizing but of no help.

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I cancelled my account before it was to be renewed and it said I would received a confirmation in my email, which it never did and proceeded to renew. I went out of town and was unaware of this. I have since cancelled it again after my credit card was charged for yet another $35.00 When cancelling - you should get a confirmation number right away instead of getting this. I'm sure this is not enough proof because there is no date: Your... Read more

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Three days after I signed up I answered a fraudulent ad and then was informed that the scammer was removed and next thing I knew I couldn't sign in and when I called 2 days later it turned out they removed me too!!! No reason given. How can online companies screw up this way? Telephone customer service was very dronelike and phony, and although I was entitled to an explanation I was treated like a creep. All she could say was how terribly... Read more

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I signed up with Sittercity a little over a year ago. I never found a quality sitter therefore I never hired anyone. Fast forward to today..I just found out that this company has been billing me $70 per quarter. Apparently, after you sign up, there is an auto-renew clause that you are on the hook for unless you cancel your "free subscription" within 7 days.They have been billing me for over a year to the tune of $385! DO NOT SIGN UP! This site... Read more

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I believe sittercity to be nothing more than a scam designed to give them monthly access to people's bank accounts. I recently signed on to sittercity and get emails from them daily about jobs (for me); however, since I have not allowed sittercity ongoing access into my funds, no one ever gets my messages or applications for their jobs. I highly doubt if anyone is able to even see the profile I painstakingly set up. I am NOT going to give... Read more

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I understand the need for background checks and would get one at the request of an individual parent but the website is forcing me into buying the package after I put in all my correct information to verify my identity ! I even tried entering a recent address after it kicked back and said something was wrong and then it once again redirected me into buying one of their background check packages starting at $20 and only going up in price from... Read more

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They CHARGE YOU MONEY TO APPLY FOR A SITTER JOB. WHAT THE *** IS THE POINT of applying for a job in the first place! ? A person is obviously looking for employment! !!!!& 15 for a background check that doesnt show up until another three days and they charge your card without telling you. Fake ads. No responses waste of time PERIOD!

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