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I believe sittercity to be nothing more than a scam designed to give them monthly access to people's bank accounts. I recently signed on to sittercity and get emails from them daily about jobs (for me); however, since I have not allowed sittercity ongoing access into my funds, no one ever gets my messages or applications for their jobs. I highly doubt if anyone is able to even see the profile I painstakingly set up. I am NOT going to give... Read more

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I understand the need for background checks and would get one at the request of an individual parent but the website is forcing me into buying the package after I put in all my correct information to verify my identity ! I even tried entering a recent address after it kicked back and said something was wrong and then it once again redirected me into buying one of their background check packages starting at $20 and only going up in price from... Read more

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They CHARGE YOU MONEY TO APPLY FOR A SITTER JOB. WHAT THE *** IS THE POINT of applying for a job in the first place! ? A person is obviously looking for employment! !!!!& 15 for a background check that doesnt show up until another three days and they charge your card without telling you. Fake ads. No responses waste of time PERIOD!

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I opened an account to start a baby sitting account. I purchased all three background checks, including motor vehicle check. The backgrounds were never shown on my account and I could not get a sitting job and I am out the money for the purchases of the background checks. I called my bank to dispute and they refused to refund my money. Not only am I am not able to get work with my account and I cannot get my money back either. This seems to... Read more

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As a nanny, takes little to no precaution to protect nannies from scammers that come on the site posting fake jobs. The job offers a large salary and when the nanny contacts the prospective employer, the scammer convinces the nanny to send them money. I don't want to explain exactly how it's done for fear of giving dishonest, unscrupulous people any ideas. I will say that as an older, experienced nanny, I'm able to spot a... Read more

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When you sign up for SitterCity, you must enter a credit card which you believe will gain you access to the necessary information to find the resource you're looking for on their website. I used the website for a few weeks and found a lot of false representation was occurring on their website that exposed me to a lot of legal liability so ended up using another company. This led to multiple charges on my credit card as the months went on. I've... Read more

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I used SitterCity one time and was forced to provide my credit card information. I used the service for one vacation and never logged on again. That was 16 months ago. I just discovered my bank account has been continuously charged for all this time costing me $560.00!!!! I called customer care to ask them to reverse the charges as they could see that I had not even logged on for 16 months. The would not. Theysay they will only refund 3... Read more

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There's no way of knowing if any of the placements are for real. If you respond to requests for e-mail, or phone number, the alleged customers have info to *** your accounts. If you're looking for real work, try someone else. Your information is not secure on this site. I made the mistake of responding to one posting and pulled the plug when a great deal of confidential information was requested....but only after I gave them my... Read more

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I keep getting scammers 1 out 4 jobs is wastes my time plus not to mention I'm not making any money to pay my bills that are becoming late do to this foolishness, and all that are on here most the time are old jobs I've already applied to and never seem to get. Like right now all jobs are old should be taken off your list, and you should ck. For scammers I see 3 already. Most the jobs that say 25-50 an hr. Are usually scammers but... Read more

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I am not sure if this was a scam or not but it was pretty sketchy. I applied for a job that seamed real. It was an add to babysit a 9month old. They asked to meet at their appt and bring my social and ID because it was a government job. I somewhat believed them because I have babysat through govt. services before, but was a little skeptical because they wanted to meet in their appt and I didn't feel too comfortable with that. Also when they... Read more

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