I recently joined Sittercity. I thought I had found the right job for me.

I was wrong... It was nothing, but a BIG lie. A lady of the name, Amanda Smith, contacted me being super sweet telling me her father had passed away and she was out of the country for his funeral. Her husband and her thought I'd be the perfect nanny for their son when I received another email with a different name and basically the same story as she sent me.

At that moment I knew something was up. When she finally replied back to me she said they made the decision for me to be their nanny and that they would pay me my first weeks pay now so I don't fall behind on my bills. Right then and there I knew it was a scam. Usually you wait to see if they even show up.

That's exactly what I told her too. I'm still going along with her emails as if I know nothing. But I can't wait to confront her about it. You don't lie about someone passing away.

That's just wrong! I never write bad reviews, but I'm hoping this will help someone in the future. Be super careful of the personal information you reveal. I'm so happy I didn't release anything personal.

I deleted my sittercity account and am sticking with Care.com. I've found a lot of friendly people on there!

I've had a couple of jobs with them. Thanks for reading!

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Same thing happened to me from Rhonda M(Rhonda.Monroe@gmail.com

to BigMama911 #1609372

Rhonda Monroe just contacted me yesterday night!!!! but used hotmail

Mesa, Arizona, United States #1277919

Exactly the same thing. I even received a check for a month wages. I'm contacting a lawyer for breach of contract and I still have the check


I had the same thing with the minke Donald scam bit it was someone named Dan concard. Found me on sittercity.com wanted me to pet sit for his dog wayne.

$20 per hour 15 hours. =300 a week. We'll I fell for the scam was given a fake check to secure.my services. It cleared in my account and since he was from Canada wanted me to send money orders out so he can get his hpuse for rent taken care of.

Seemed legit but wasnt. I am now put the entire$ 1950 and owe the money back.

to Anonymous Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1067220

Wow I had the exact same person try and contact me giving me the same story. It sounded too good to be true, so I decided not to respond.

After reading your post I'm so glad I didn't fall for this. Hopefully they will delete this account.

to Anonymous #1078466

I got this same email from Dan Concard and I was a little sketched out, don't answer this guy and don't fall for the scam !!!


Someone named Mike Donald messaged me on sitter city saying he was coming down from Canada and he needed a babysitter for his daughter Lizzy i went for it and we were e-mailing back and forth he said he was going to get financier to mail me a check for the first week pay!! $20/hr $350 weekly it puzzled my mind everyday it was to good to be true something told me to look up baby sitter scams and there it was thank god i haven't did anything he was telling me too about banking info and etc.


I was ready to look into sittercity. Now i dont know what to do


thanks for posting I had a similar situation as a deaf woman asked me to care for her sister and said i could live with her sister and expenses would be paid..??? yeah fishy right don't respond to e-mail from suzzie p...

oh and i don't understand her sister was coming here on a "business trip" and she needs to know where i live so she can live close to me??

but wait suzzie lives in detroit why can't she stay with her... i never responded these people are full of ***

to Anonymous #1056764

I just experienced the EXACT same scam with the "deaf woman, Suzzie P." This time she posted as "Jane W." I reported it to sittercity, so hopefully, they'll shut down her profile.


Sittercity....i never see that much scanners in my life that happen every week....they don't care about nannies safety..I ve been report the scanners a lot of time ..they don't care they don't do nothing ....be aware of this web

Tustin, California, United States #1039830

Sittercity is full of scammers ...I report them and sometimes they let them for a week...scary web page


Care.com is suspect to the exact same scams, just incase you didn't realize that. They both have the same exact scammer problems, so you aren't really escaping anything by moving from one to the other.

I am more convinced Sittercity is a better site as any jobs or communications I have ever gotten were from Sittercity and not Care.com.

At least at Sittercity you don't have to have a premium account with shady automatic billing to be on the site to find jobs. I'm pretty sure Care.com is also full of fake family profiles and jobs, too.

to Anonymous #1578532

I've been using care for2 years.. Found many jobs and never found a scammer.

I signed up for sitter city last week and ran into 2 scammers already. That's why I'm here... Trying to find out what the scam is lol the email just seemed sketchy so I am investigating. Care is annoying but they require more from families that are signing up so there are indeed less scams...

Annoying and scamming are different.. Just saying


Be careful of a guy named Terry Polak. email (terrypolak0@hotmail.com) His wife Kimberly contacted on sittercity saying that they were coming from Canada and going to

be staying in the state that I live in for 3 months and they needed a babysitter for their 4 year old son.

I really wanted to help them and also they were going to pay me $20 an hour and I was going to watch their son for 3 day a week. We were email back and forth and he even sent me pictures of his family and him. He sent me money for the first week and then one day he asked me to send money to a guy who was helping them with hotel and stuff like that. He made me run around sending money to the people that was going to help with everything.

Also we talked on the phone so I thought everything was going to be ok, also I was very careful.

Making a long story short he scammed me the check he sent me was fake and now I needed to pay the money to the bank!

So basically be very careful of people on sittercity.

to Anonymous #1040269

Same thing happened to me except instead of watching a child I would have been dog sitting. Now I owe almost $3000.00 to my bank.

Be careful everyone. If theyre not in this country or close to your neighborhood then don't talk to them!


I submitted a basic application and cancelled it after changing my mind. Now I cannot get Sittercity to stop sending me emails after I requested they stop several times.

Then they stopped for a few months and have started back again. I do not want to use their service and I do not want to receive emails from Sittercity.

Norman, Oklahoma, United States #973200

Scammers alllllll day on sittercity. Can't trust this site.

Two people tried to scam me within 3 days of joining. Glad I took the time to fill out my lengthly profile.

One wanted me to basically are give for her sick sister.

The other was visiting from out of town for 3 months and needed a sitter 3 days a week when attending meetings.

Wth. So annoyed

Cedar Creek, Texas, United States #971837

If these people even attempt to charge me for a single penny? They will be contacted by my Federal Attorney and will seriously regret scamming folks...

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #947824

same happened to me. i lost 3000 dollars.

as i am a college student, this money is very important for me. till now i did not get a job. hoping to get a good job as soon as possible.

i cannot run my day now. lost hope on human beings....

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