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This woman goes by the name of Sherry Warren who says she is hearing impaired and needs help for her sister. She is offering $500.00 for 9 hours of work.

She also stated that she would move her sister close to where I live. She also wants to send a $500.00 check to pay for medical equipment for her sister. She asked for my home address, email, phone number and bank information. She also told me to go off site and contact her thru her email address.

That is a big red flag. I called Sittercity and told them about her and that her ad had disappeared.

They stated that she was scamming and that they removed her account. I did some further investigation and discovered that she has pulled this same scam under different names and dates.

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She just tried scamming me a moment ago. I typed in her phone number on google and looked her up on facebook but couldn't find her.

I felt like it wasn't right... Thank you for your comments

Perry Hall, Maryland, United States #1351891

This lady just tried scamming me. She linked it to Indeed now.

Offering $1,000 a week three hours a week. Says she is deaf and needs help with her sister. She went by the name Debra Barnes.

Asked for all my information and asked me to contact her on email or text. I called her out on it and she never replied she her job posting was gone then the next day it was up again!


This person or persons has at least 5 different names and photos, but always the same job

offering $50 - $55 / hr. They have expanded to other states, New York and New Jersey.

It may be an Identity Theft Ring as they are relentless in posting same job.

As soon as they

are removed, they turn up the next day with different names and photos.

Sittercity must

find a way to block them permanently. ID theft must be very lucrative for these scammers.

Don't be one of their victims.


Thank God I found this. Some of the things she said were a bit sketchy so I had to look into it.

She was so believable. I'm just glad I found this before going forward.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1338498

Thanks to your comments, she didn't scam me.

She's going by the name Tina Dauber from Wyoming.

I plan to take the letters to the police. If you want to let Sittercity know about her new name that would be fine, but I'm taking my info off that site.

Thank you,


to Carol Little Ferry, New Jersey, United States #1352508

Yeah she tried to scam me too and told me to text her all my personal info since her sister was deaf.

Which was off bc if her non-deaf sister is the one setting everything up then she should be doing all the set ups via phone calls no? So I knew immediately that it was a scam.

Hopefully other people also caught that immediate red flag. Terrible.

to Mary #1371336

Can you please help if you can. How far did u get with her?

She has my name address and dob!! I found these comments after.

Can she do a lot with this info? Can I call anywhere to warn them about my potential identity theft?

to Carol #1371335

Thank you for commenting on this site. She got me too was about to quit my job.

She is going by the name of Debra Barnes now and says her sisters name is Mary. I have her phone number and email address if you need it.

to Christina123 #1372419

Same here !! She send me a check and now I am scared cause she knows my Information.

Katy, Texas, United States #1309028

i am a victim of her bs

to Logan Howard Chicago, Illinois, United States #1331342

Logan, if you don't mind me asking. What happened?

My sister was telling me about this scammer and I found all these complaints about her -_-

I am concerned for her, as she is also a victim.

to Logan Howard #1371338

Did anything happen? I am too! She has my name address and dob

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