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So I tried using sittercity many years ago and didn't have luck, but decided to stay home with my kids at that time. I was recently offered a position to work again and due to my husband being the sole provider we are not even living paycheck to paycheck.

I guess you can call it a juggle, so $35 to me is literally gas money or food for my children. I make too much for help and not enough to survive. I was going back and forth between this site and another sitter site and for whatever reason decided to go to this one. After a week or so of finding no one that fit the bill at all I swore I emailed to cancel my membership.

I was planning on calling and speaking with someone as well as I wanted a refund for that month (January), but I juggle two kids with ASD who have 9 therapists between them and a ton of doctor appointments. Life took over and it just didn't happen. I thought all of this was taken care of until my partial rent check that was already late bounced. Mortified I checked my account and lo and behold sittercity charged me $35.

I immediately called and spoke with a "supervisor" Brittany. I have been in customer service for years and honestly people just want to hear that you understand and are sorry even if you can't help them get exactly what they want. She offered to reimburse me for February, but not for January because I uitlized the services for a week. I explained everything and she had an attitude with me and kept interrupting me.

I called her out on it and she still continued to do it. When I asked to speak with a manager she insisted she was the supervisor and the top of the food chain or whatever you want to call it and she could not transfer me to anyone. She had no empathy at all and sounded like she had a script prememorized whenever I made a comment. I am DONE.

You will never take my money again!

If any other moms ever ask about this site I will let them know the way I was treated. This is not acceptable!

Review about: Sittercity Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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You used the site. You got charged. Quit whining and shut your piehole.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1289336
Sittercity Verified Representative

So sorry to hear about your poor experience with us! At Sittercity, our goal is for every customer (past or present) to walk away satisfied.

I've received your email and would like to address your concerns in a personalized manner. I hope to hear from you soon!

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