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SCAM WARNING FROM A FAKE AD/PERSON ON SITTERCITY.COM FOLLOWING IS HER E-MAIL ... Tori Carson Oct 12 (7 days ago) to me Dear XXXXX I hope this message meets you in great spirit.

My name is Tori Carson i teach in a disability school of impairing to hearing because i am deaf also. My Sister Mary from the state of RHODE ISLAND. She is coming from a business trip from Dubai UAE to your residential state for another business proposal and she will be moving in by this week. She is 36 Years of age.

140 lbs and 5.8ft. She speaks English fluently. We really need you to be honest and trust worthy in this work. The work basis are below You are to be checking for My Sister at least 3 times in a week for proper caring and to know how well about her health and i think you have little medical experience.

She sickly epilepsy, She can as well eat and bath herself do normal activities everyone does You will be driving her to hospital when she need arise for proper medical check up at least once in a month and if you don’t know how to drive, you will hire a car or taxi. Your advise to choose your working 3days and morning and evening hours. 3hours working time I.E Monday, Wednesday & Saturday. Anytime and day suitable for you when you will be available, you can live in with her if you wanted, we will handle the expenses of foods and accommodation thats a plus.

You are earning $1000 a week You will have to prescribe the convenient hrs during each of this days which will not affect your other regular work as this will be a part time work for you and if you want to live with her in the house for other assistance there will be no problem So kindly provide me your full name and mailing address so that we can ensure the housing agent get her an apartment which will be more closer to your house and I hope about 10 miles will not be too far for you. Also we will be paying you the first week wages payment via a Certified Check because you will help her to get some medical tools like one touch basic machine, ACU-check machine and test trips in any nearest pharmacy store around. So I want you to feed me back with the following details so that we can ensure you are ready for the work. HERE ARE THE DETAILS I WANT YOU TO EMAIL BACK SO THAT THE CHECK CAN GET YOU: First Name: Last Name: Door step street current address: Apartment number: City: State: Zipcode: Age: Home phone number: Current Cell phone: Current Email: Do you have a bank account ?: YES/NO Bank Name: Make sure you attached your email address in reply for easier communication as well.

My email address is TORICARSX@GMAIL.COM you can email the information here please! I am a impairing to hearing patient, forgive me its mother nature. So i can be contacted by my cell phone via text message only as well i will appreciate that, my number is (646) 389-6513 Please do me a favor send me a text now so i can SAVE your number EMAIL ME THE DETAILS TO MY EMAIL: TORICARSX@GMAIL.COM I'll be sending you her living address very soon so that you will know where you will be working. I will give you her living address once the rental agent find her a suitable house closer to you about 10/20 miles.

I await your email soonest so we can proceed as you can understand that the date is getting approach.

God bless you and have a wonderful day ahead! Best Regards

Review about: Sittercity Advertisement.

Reason of review: Fake job offer.

Preferred solution: Please scan ads for scam.

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I'm DISGUSTED that Sittercity allows this 'nasty scam' person to put an ad like this on their site!!!


Thank you. I fell for this fake job. Hopefully, there is a real person out there looking for good help.


Beware of Kathie Ammons I received a text supposedly from her “friend” Tammy who said she needs a sitter. Also Santino De Angelis both scams and can be very dangerous people


I got this same email from this lady! Im dumb and gave her my address just an hour ago, but then I did some research and found this, because it just all sounded fishy to me.

I emailed her back and told her not to send me anything and not to contact me again.

Do I have to worry about anything? Will I be okay if I just don't open the mail if I get sent anything??

to Anonymous #1453548

Did anything happen? I was just emailed by this scammer

to Anonymous #1469476

did anything happen? I just sent an email reponse to a new ad they have up and decided to look this up now of course! I did not give any personal information away though.Please let me know!


Got the same ad


I just saw an advert from this person saying -

' Our sister is looking for a humble and honest compassionate caregiver which will serve as a personal assistant for helping my younger sister in her home. This job consist for groceries shopping errands and DOCTOR'S appt and the pay is for $1000 a week for 3 days a week and 3 hours in a 1 day. contact me now for more details through my personal ema1l only which i will only reply from my personal ema1l which is TORICARSX AT GMA1L D0T C0M once again i will only reply via my personal ema1l ( TORICARSX AT GMA1L D0T C0M ) Ema1l me now FOR DETAIL '

I knew it was too good to be true :(


I too received this same exact email, but this person had a new email address.


I received this samw exact email, but this person used a completely different email.


Watch out for current nanny job by George B. Its fake and a scam!


My daughter was looking for a job on sitter city also and was just sent a check for $1650 in advance. I have talked to her so she understands this is a scam but it’s just awful that people feel the need to do this.

to Abrown42150 #1397818

My daughter was also confronted and she asked me if this was legitimate. I now question the sittercity company itself and its ability to properly vet out bad apples from posting.

They should qualify the people paying. The activity of passing along a check like that is part of some kind of money laundering scam.


My sister-in-law was looking for work on Craiglist and came across this ...we warned her not to send any of her info , that it was a Scam!!! Las Vegas, Nevada

Sittercity Verified Representative


Thanks for reaching out and sharing this information.

The trust & safety of our members is something that we take very seriously, so we absolutely appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

It is a public site, so unfortunately some scammers do find a way through registration.

We scan our site daily for scams, and once we find them we notify you as long as you're communicating through the site.

We would like to investigate this further. Please reach out to our Member Services team directly, and reference this review, so that we can locate your account and gather more information on this. Please note that Member Services is open Monday - Friday, 8am-4pm CST.Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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